Ryan Seacrest Rumors: Reality Host suffering through Mental Issues and Marriage Dilemma


We all know that Ryan Seacrest is among the hardest working men in the industry. But is he doing more than he can take? Tabloids have been spreading several rumors about the health of American Idol’s host. Let’s check if it’s true.

Botox Mishap

A source claimed that Botox injections were making Ryan Seacrest blind. The story came up after Seacrest appeared to slur his words and fans began to worry that he had a stroke. But the source claimed that it was all due to Botox injections.

It could well have been a reaction to a Botox injection administered by himself or someone else at his home as most Hollywood cosmetic surgeons are still closed.

Bye-bye New York

A source said that the actor was moving to Los Angeles permanently. Since the start of the lockdown, Seacrest has been filming Live! With Ryan and Kelly from his Los Angeles home only. Apparently, he is feeling healthier there and might consider living there forever.

Incurable Illness left Seacrest Bedridden

Another source alleged that Seacrest was bedridden and dying of an incurable illness. Multiple sources claimed that he was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis. The sources went on to claim that his co-workers were tensed as he took a day off from work.

Marriage Dilemma

Tabloids even claimed that Seacrest’s mental health was deteriorating and he needed therapy for a marriage dilemma. He has been dating Shana Taylor on and off. The actor was actually looking for a cure for his fear of marriage so that he could marry his girlfriend.

Rumors Busted

Clearly, all of these stories are bogus and made-up. The sources do not have any reliable proof to back up their stories.

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