SalesForce marks its sixth acquisition in Israel with ClickSoftware

SalesForce marks its sixth acquisition in Israel with ClickSoftware

Salesforce is planning its next conquering in Israel. The American cloud giant known as Salesforce, is considering the idea of acquiring Israel-founded company, ClickSoftware. The service management company is reported to be sold for $31.5 billion. This is Salesforce sixth and till the time largest purchase of an Israel based company!

SalesForce marks its sixth acquisition in Israel with ClickSoftware

The news is confirmed!

Salesforce to soon own ClickSoftware!

ClickSoftware came into existence in 1997 by Moshe Ben-Bassat in Givat Shmuel. However, ever since 2015 the firm is under the management of Francisco Partners, an American private equity company. The motive of acquisition as stated by Salesforce is to enhance the Service Cloud customer relationship management platform.

The Service Cloud customer relationship management platform relating to customer support and service is bound to get benefited. The deal is speculated to close by 31st October of this year. The only undissolved standing issues is the antitrust clearance between the two nations.

Salesforce in 2016 released its Field Service Lightning product, which was a collaboration project with ClickSoftware. The product garnered publicity and was successful among the customers, thus leading to the complete acquisition.

Why is the pricey purchase being done?

SalesForce marks its sixth acquisition in Israel with ClickSoftware

Source: ClickSoftware Training Store

Salesforce said that it wants to listen to its customers and thus own the company Click. ClickSoftware is a 700-strong workforce, currently holding approximately 200 employees at the Petah Tikva office. The firm cater the needs of nearly 15,000 customers who come from ranging from Duetsche to Bosch and many more.

The status quo qork-force of Salesforce in Israel will catapult by 600 employees after the transfering of power is over. ClickSoftware as mentioned above is the sixth company acquired by Salesforce in Israel since it entered the place in 2011.

The last company taken-over by Salesforce in Israel is Datorama, the AI-powered marketing inteligence. It was acquired last year in the month of July.

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