Salvatore Defranco rises to fame over Starbucks controvesy

Salvatore Defranco and wife backlash Starbucks

Former Navy Seal Salvatore Defranco and his wife drove in a lot of web traffic in their direction when they took to the internet to criticize Starbucks. The power couple also assured 50% of their July profits to the fallen men in blue which is certain to bring in more coffee lovers to their tables.

Starbucks on the radar yet again!!

Salvatore slammed Starbucks on kicking out 6 policemen

Not long back Starbucks grabbed the limelight as it shut down in 8000 locations to resist against rationality. Also, the Coffee maestro, went ahead to provide their baristas with ‘racial bias training’ then. Starbucks went to anti authorities at that time.

Yet again Starbucks in Arizona has hit the screens for kicking 6 policemen out on complaints of another customer. As he felt uneasy sharing the same coffee space with the men in blue. Though Starbucks spokesperson took the stand and apologized to the Tempe Police Officers.

But it appeared more empty than ever. The neglect of the incident by Starbucks raged the anger all the more. Receiving tons of backlash for insulting its own protectors.

Who is Salvatore and Dana Defranco?

As you already know by now, Salvatore Defranco and his wife Dana jumped into the rescue of the saviors. And the whole world was looking up to them by the next morning. Tons of love and gratitude was received on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The two were instant sensations which they very well deserved. Salvatore served in Navy previously until he survived a car accident that changed his life. And landed him on the CEO’s chair, of a successful coffee brand, Battleground Coffee.

Though not on the field, yet he continues to save everyone’s day on the coffee tables. Taking the stand for those 6 policemen, Sal for sure proved the brotherhood that the battlegrounds taught him. As for Starbucks we just wish what’s apt is done from their end. And let’s not shame the whole coffee chain for one silly barista.

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