Samsung and Verizon in making 5G Network a Reality

How far is 5G Network from Reality
Tech giants have started rolling out their 5G network supported devices.

Well, the next generation mobile network 5G- the fifth generation wireless network is near, though not completely. Samsung and Verizon have started by joining hands in this road.


There are companies who had been researching on the 5G network from years. And they are only some few steps away to bring the 5G superfast network to the whole world.


It is available at only some places and for some specific mobile phones, so in other words, the gates to the world of super-speed networks had still not been opened yet.

5G Network at your doorsteps

Research on 5G had started from a decade ago but had gained a boost in recent 5 years. Samsung in the year 2013 announced that it had created the 5G network.

How far is 5G Network from Reality

Samsung is all set to launch the S10 5G series.

And later in 2016, a company named Verizon started testing 5G network.

With the advancement in new technology, 5G came into mainstream trends in the year 2018 when Verizon announced that the network would be available in 30 cities of the U.S.

The road to bringing the 5G network to your doorsteps have done by many companies that are trying to bring 5G.

This became truer when Samsung with Verizon started selling Galaxy S10 5G phones in South Korea. Verizon also announced that their existing Moto z3 can access to 5G with a Moto mod attachment.

5G v. 4G

Over the 4G network, 5G network will have a number of benefits, the basic is the speed.

It is estimated that the speed of 5G network will be around 1Gb/s. It is also said that the 5G network will reduce net energy usage by 90%.

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