Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release is Doomed to Fail


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is coming out next month and many of the tech experts are predicting that the premium device is doomed to fail. Even though it will have bleeding-edge technology, the Galaxy Note devices have become obsolete in this age and other smartphones have taken over them. Samsung should retire the Galaxy Note series and let the new Galaxy Z folding devices take over it.

The Galaxy S series offers every features that a Galaxy Note has without the huge size and increased price. There was a time when the Samsung Galaxy Note series with S-pen stylus was in trend, but that time has gone and it will be the main reason why Galaxy Note 20 release will be a total failure.

Samsung Galaxy S Series have taken over Galaxy Note

Galaxy S 20 is currently the best smartphone that Samsung has to offer and honestly, it has everything one needs. The screen is huge and immersive, the cameras are powerful, the battery life is great and even the other specs have been upgraded to make it a flagship device.

Based on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 features, there is not much difference compared to the S20 apart from a few tweaks. The Galaxy S20 Ultra phones are almost the same in the screen size to the Galaxy Note 20 and hence there is no reason why users will pay extra dollars for some slight difference.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is the New Future

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have only the S-pen stylus as the main difference from the Galaxy S20 series and they must include the folding pen in later and discontinue the Note series. Galaxy Note Z fold is the new future of Samsung devices and it will easily steal the limelight from Galaxy Note 20 this year.

Samsung should try to incorporate the best features of Galaxy Note devices into Galaxy S and Galaxy Z in the future and the Galaxy Note 20 failure will make them rethink their approach to everything.

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