Samsung Galaxy S10 AR Feature will help you in Buying Perfect Home Appliance


Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order bookings have already started and the phone has created a lot of buzz because of the various unique features that it possess. And here we bring to you another great and unique feature of this latest creation of Samsung that will help you in buying home appliances.

Samsung Galaxy S10: AR feature

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find a perfect home appliance that fits perfectly for your home. But, if you get the right item then it’s a moment of delight.

Also, while buying home appliances online you may get confused whether that item will complement your house decor or not.

So, to make online shopping easier and make this process more accurate Samsung Galaxy S10 is equipped with an AR feature.

The AR feature of Samsung allows customers to visualize the room with the product they want to buy. The home decor functions allow the users to see how the product will look through their phone’s camera.

The items that you want to buy will be virtually placed at places where you want to see them. You can choose from a number of colors patterns sizes and see how that place will look with that item.

Samsung Galaxy S10 AR Feature

In addition to this, the 3D depth camera of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 provides you with the correct dimensions of the product. This enables you to check whether the product will fit or not perfectly.

Also, this feature provides a 3D model of the product like the opening of doors and drawers, etc..

According, to Martin Lee of Samsung Electronics,

Samsung is trying to increase home appliances and furniture in this feature.

Samsung has emerged as an innovative company from developing a 5G network to amazing features like AR.

Surely, this feature will make shopping easier and more accurate.

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