Samsung Galaxy S10: The best smartphone ever or just a hoax?

Samsung Galaxy S10, best smartphone ever or just a hoax?
Samsung Galaxy summary review.

Nowadays, the smartphone is growing up in a whole new level. Smartphone has become such a contrivance which has bragged attention even substituting the news as well the newspapers. It has its own world within it. Each and every human being can conquer or have light upon which people have never been through. This year, a new device has been launched by a known brand called Samsung, model named Galaxy S10.

It may or may not be the best but it has a lot of quality features to just bang on the upcoming gadgets. The design and built quality are phenomenal.


Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 review roundup.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has built up, even with a sleek design. And the most shocking part that the people may think will be about the hardware which has been used in it. It has two latest processors in it i.e. Exynos 9820 and Snapdragon 855 with 8GB of ram. This means a precise multitasking gadget even with good games.


In this present era, the smartphones are tending to have revised fingerprint sensors on screen. So, Galaxy S10 does have that.

But, the sensor is quite slow as compared to the rest of the Galaxy series phones. Because those were the devices which have had fingerprint sensors below the back camera. And, even the response was fast enough like a blink of an eye.

Samsung Galaxy S10, best smartphone ever or just a hoax?

The most astonishing part is, the lock screen unlocks even with a 3d fingerprint. That may create huge chaos between the company and buyers.

Market Value

After possessing this gadget maybe people would like or not but this kind of feature won’t last long.

Samsung has to do something, and think about the 3d fingerprint unlock system. Because, this particular feature isn’t safe for the users, especially for the people who have personal assets or any kind of stuff like that.

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