Sandra Bullock And Bryan Randall Rumours: Actress In Disagreement With Boyfriend Over Plans To Quit Hollywood?

Sandra Bullock Bryan Randall
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Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, are allegedly fighting on where to live. Apparently, Bullock wants to move and Randall doesn’t.

Trouble In Paradise

Bullock wants to move and is trying to get her boyfriend Randall on board. She is supposedly is sick and tired of the hectic, Hollywood lifestyle. Word is that she is thinking on the idea of relocating to Austin, Texas. Speculation is because it’s a more family-friendly place to raise the kids.

Sandra Bullock Bryan Randall

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That being said, she and Randall aren’t quite on the same page yet. Reportedly, Randall wants to be in LA so he can build up his business. Additionally, he’s eager to try his hand at writing and producing.

Since Randall hails from Oregon, he seems like a West Coast guy through and through. Rumour has it that Sandra and Bryan are having trouble coming to an agreement. They’re both strong-minded people, so this standoff is going to take a while to be resolved.

Sandra Bullock, Bryan Randall

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Sandra Bullock To Quit Hollywood?

It is impossible to know for certain what the actress plans for the future. However, it seems unlikely she’s ditching Hollywood any time soon. On the contrary, Bullock has multiple projects in the works for the first time since 2018. As her career heats up once again, it’s unlikely the actress is choosing now to abandon Hollywood.

Bullock reportedly worked on a film with German director Nora Fingscheidt that’s set for release some time this year. Not to mention, Bullock is currently filming the star-studded Lost City of D with Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum. It seems Bullock is hard at work and not running away from the spotlight as tabloids implied. It’s totally possible Bullock wants to get away from Hollywood at some point in the future, but now doesn’t appear to be the time.

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