Saudi Arabia detains eight including US citizen


Saudi Arabia arrests eight people including a US Citizen. This is because these people are considered to be activists. However, they are not considered as frontline activists. But, they are just writers and advocates by profession.

People who have been supporting greater social reforms. These include the right of the women.

The motive by these people was to drive this social reform before the ban was lifted.

Saudi Arabia detains US citizen

Out of the eight people detained, one is a dual US-Saudi citizen. This new arrest targets individuals who support rights of the women.

According to the Associated Press, these individuals were arrested on Thursday. The information is given by a person who has knowledge of it.

The person does not want his/her identity to be revealed. This is because of the fear of punishment.

Whi is the US citizen arrested

The US citizen who has been detained is named Salah Al-Haider. He is a dual US-Saudi National. Haider is from Vienna, Virginia where he has a family home. He lives with his wife and a child.

The name of his child is Riyadh. Haider’s mother is Aziza Al-Yousef. She is a prominent activist of women’s rights and Yousef is on trial.

She has recently been released from the prison. However, the release is temporary.

Saudi Arabia has a different aim behind these arrests. It is to detain individuals who support these social reforms.

The detained individuals are not frontline activists. They were just supporting the rights of the women.

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