Scarlett Johansson faces severe backlash for playing transgender in her upcoming

Scarlett Johansson on Trans Outcry: Art should be free of restrictions

After facing a severe trans backlash, Scarlett Johansson has stuck her boot over Hollywood. She goes on to slash every single person to spark a controversy against her transgender role in Rub and Tug.

Scarlett Johansson faces backlash

Scarlett Johansson is one of the highest paid celebrities of Hollywood and that certainly makes her more prone to critics and upsetting backlashes. Johansson met with a trans outcry last summer for opting to play a trangender man in the much anticipated, Rug and Tug. After a series of intolerable shame messages, she opted out of playing a certain ambitious role.

Days aren’t even gone when cisgenders celebrities played transgenders more perfectly than the trans themselves. From Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club to Elle Fanning in 3 generation, people applauded them for the courage and submission towards their passion. The crowd’s mouths were full of great things for the actors. But when it turned on to Scarlett Johansson herself, people slated her brutally.

And being a real-life avenger, Scarlett Johansson gave them a battering in return. Scarlett Johansson lashed at the critics, saying that no one should restrict an actor for playing diverse roles.

There’s a long way to go: Freedom acting

Scarlett Johansson on Trans Outcry: Art should be free of restrictions

picture: VANITY FAIR

Actors are entitled to the freedom of choose what they want. Being an actor, they are worthy enough to play every character, they think they can live upto. We are basically no one, I say no-one to decide what they should be wearing, or eating or playing the role of.

Scarlett’s views are somehow same. In her recent interview, she has stated that:

It’s more like a trend in my business. And it needs to happen for some social reasons too, yet at times things make us uncomfotable and affects the art badly. I feel an art and the artist should be free of restrictions.

She plainly doubles down her assertions of an actor’s will and passion towards playing whatever he wants to enact. Scarlett Johansson outrageously ignored the cries of trangender actors and propounded her very idea of acting through the interview.

I believe society will connect more if we just allow others to have their own feelings. We should not be expecting them to feel the way we feel. And that’s okay.

Although, Scarlett Johansson initially refused to give her role up to someone who seems to be more deserving. She was shortly dropped from to play Dante “Tex” Gill in Rug and Tug.

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