Scott Disick and Sofia Richie split: The Couple Parts Ways and Sofia is Spending Time with Someone New

scott disick and sophia richie

.Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have allegedly decided to call it quits following Scott’s early exit from his rehab stint at a Colorado facility. The model has supposedly had enough of Scott’s relapses and has decided to cut him loose.

scott disick and sophia richie

Scott and Sophia: Breakup Rumors

Reports revealing the 21-year-old model’s attempts to forego her emotional baggage by spending time with her friends have surfaced. TMZ alleged that Sophia was seen hanging out with another man. TMZ suggests this is an indication of her calling it quits with Scott.

Further revelations were made that Sophia has been staying at a Malibu house that is rumored to belong to her new beau. The mystery man’s name, remained disclosed, though. The model is supposedly enjoying her lockdown period with another man while Scott Disick is in rehab.

“Sofia Richie is Disick-free or so it seems because she’s been hanging out with a new dude day after day after day,” TMZ wrote. “Sofia’s been staying at a Malibu mansion over the last 3 days at the beach house owned by a guy…a guy people seem to think Sofia’s now dating.”

Scott and Sophia: The Truth

Gossip Cop took up the task to investigate what’s actually cooking between the couple. The publication was able to gather enough evidence to reasonably suggest that the couple is still together.

GC highlighted that although TMZ is generally a reliable source, it may have left some loose ends on this story. GC blamed TMZ of writing unverified information and called it irresponsible behavior.

This is not the first instance where Scott Disick and Sophia Richie’s split up rumors have caught buzz on the internet. The relationship’s controversial nature emerges from the fact that Scott Disick is Kourtney Kardashian’s ex. However, Scott and Sophia seem to be doing just fine so the rumor of them splitting up can be disregarded.

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