Seattle NHL Team to have the Following Franchise Names for 2021-22 Season

Seattle NHL Team

NHL is slowly becoming more and more popular and will soon enter the levels of NFL and NBA. It has been expanding ever since and new teams have been entering the National Hockey League. Seattle will become the 32nd NHL team and will debut in the 2021-22 NHL season.

The Vegas Golden Knights were also one of the recent expansion who achieved great popularity and is also the prime contender for the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile, the franchise name of Seattle NHL team is yet unknown and here are some rumored names and suggestions.

Seattle NHL Team Name Suggestions

Seattle NHL Team Name Suggestions

Kraken: The name comes from the legendary sea monster who can devour entire ships and wreaks havoc on cities nearby rivers and seas. The name Kraken has always been on the priority list of the Seattle NHL team and it could soon become a reality. Although Krakens are found in the lore of Scandinavia and not the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but who cares when it comes to mythology and NHL team names.

Evergreens: Washington has more than 25 types of evergreen trees and the name is also unique and sounds wonderful. It also goes with the fact that the Seattle NHL team jersey will be green in color. A hockey team calling themselves evergreen would make a lot of sense in the coming seasons.

Emeralds: It is the name which basically describes the Seattle city because it is also known as ‘Emerald City’. There is a lot of greenery in Seattle and their NHL franchise name should be something which reflects that.

Sockeyes: It may sound weird to a stranger but Sockeyes is the perfect name for the Seattle based hockey team. It is geographically relevant, fits in context, would have a great logo and mascot. Sockeye Salmon could become the new fan tradition where actual fishes will hit the ice before the NHL games.

Metropolitans: It goes with history as there was a Seattle based hockey team that went by the name Metropolitans and played from 1915 to 1924 and even won a Stanley Cup. It would go great with the cultural impact, nostalgia, and fan connections in Seattle.

Eagles, Firebirds, Rainiers, Whale, Flamingoes, etc could be some other few names that the Seattle NHL team could use for their franchise.

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