Second Stimulus Check Confirmed? Another round of Payment in May as COVID-19 Relief

Second Stimulus Check Confirmed Another round of Payment in May as COVID-19 Relief

The second stimulus check could soon be on its way to provide relief to US citizens who are unable to earn money due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 80 million Americans have received a stimulus check payment of $1,200 last month from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and they are hoping the same for this month.

Everyone is forced to stay inside their houses and it has made certain section lose their livelihood which is why the US Government has provided them a stimulus check package to fight the coronavirus outbreak. It was always known that there will be a second stimulus check and President Donald Trump himself has confirmed about another round of payment.

Second Round of Stimulus Check for May

Second Round of Stimulus Check for May

It has become an important concern to the US citizens whether they will get the second stimulus check this month or not? Even though they have received $1,200 last month, it won’t be enough for their survival and face any further financial issues due to the pandemic.

It has been estimated that more than 63 percent of Americans will need a second round of stimulus check within the next three months to pay their bills. Congress is currently working to provide people a second stimulus check and the House could enact a new bill to make it possible before May 4. There could be a second $1,200 stimulus check or even a monthly payment system from now on.

Donald Trump Confirms Second Stimulus Check

Donald Trump Confirms Second Stimulus Check 

Donald Trump has said that they could very well do a second round of direct payments in a recent press conference. The President of the United States was very serious about the second stimulus check payment and which is why everyone believes it’s confirmed. Trump is trying to woo the US citizens for the upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections and it is why he would do everything to provide a second stimulus check to the people.

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