Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift Collaboration: Singers to release New Song Together


Recently, Selene Gomez revealed that the artist she dreams of having a collaboration with and is none other than her close friend Taylor Swift.

Gomez shared her view point on working with the singer and made a statement that it will be a dream come true for her to work with her.

Gomez said during the stream,

I’II say there’s a few artists for sure, but I have always dreamed of doing a song with Taylor Swift. I mean, we both wanted to do that.

This is not the first time Gomez has expressed her feelings towards Taylor Swift.

Gomez also revealed that when she was facing mental trauma and physical health issues, Taylor was the one who helped her to overcome the issues with Justin Bieber. Gomez also noted that she counts on Taylor to support her in her bad times.

Gomez explained the reason why many people are unaware about their close bond. She said that they do not feel the need to talk about their friendship bond on social media sites.

Taylor has shown up in the times when Selena would have never expected her. After her drastic relations, she was hurt and was going through worst times of my life. Taylor Swift proved her friendship again and again and in every moment in my life.  She also feels that Swift is the best friend anyone can ever have.

In recent interview, Taylor Swift revealed that she feels really protective about Selena Gomez. On the other hand, Gomez announced about their collaboration in the next album.

Selena said that it felt great to work togethes and she was proud of her bond with Taylor Swift.

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