Houston & South-eastern Texas battered with Thunderstorm: Havoc

Houston & South-eastern Texas battered with Thunderstorm
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On Thursday night, a violent thunderstorm appeared in Texas. People noticed large hail, flooding downpours and gusty winds in various parts of the areas. As per the reports, the regions have been facing heavy rainfall and thunderstorms over the past few weeks.

Houston witnessed heavy rainfall on Tuesday. Plus, three to 10 inches of heavy showers fell in and around Houston. As per the AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Rinde, the city first noticed thunderstorm and gusty winds followed by flooding rains.

Baseball-sized hail causes havoc in Texas

Houston & South-eastern Texas battered with Thunderstorm

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On Thursday, many news sites reported baseball-sized hail in their region. Social media accounts were flooded with horrifying images of Hailstones. The large sized stones pelted vehicles, homes and other properties.

Besides, four wheeler drivers had to take shelter under a local gas station to protect themselves and their cars from the damage of hail. Officials at Houston Intercontinental Airport also alerted everyone and stopped multiple flights. Also, the flights which were arriving at Houston Airport were cancelled.

Houston & South-eastern Texas battered with Thunderstorm

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Besides, rescuers also tried to arrive on time and saved numerous cars trapped on the roads. Plus, more than 75 calls were made at that night which were related to flood issues. A bone-chilling emergency caught the eyes where the responders tried to save a passenger. His car was stuck upside down and was almost submerged into floods. Finally, after multiple attempts, the passenger was saved.

Houston & South-eastern Texas battered with Thunderstorm


The timing of the thunderstorm was very odd because many people were going home after the Houston Astros baseball game held at Minute Maid Park. The public in the stadium was terrified. They had to move to the upper deck because the rain was dripping into the stadium.

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