Shazam 2 to begin shooting in mid 2020

Shazam 2 to begin shooting in mid 2020

All the Shazam fans we have good news for you, Shazam 2 coming up real soon.

After being very very successful with standalone films like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, DC delivered another standalone movie Shazam!. Shazam! is a movie mixed with emotional content, humor and also action. It was like a treat to the audience who love superhero movies.

Shazam 2 to begin shooting in mid 2020

Post credits scene in Shazam!

So, with the kick given by the first part, it seems that makers have decided to produce Shazam 2. Though the makers didn’t make any official announcements about the film, there is a lot of buzz over the social media about the film.

Hollywood reporter tweeted through its official Twitter handle about the sequel as follows

Zachary Levi about the sequel

The Shazam! star Zachary Levi recently gave an interview to AP news. In the interview, he said that the script works for the sequel of Shazam were already kick-started and Shazam 2 may get on the floor any time in the near future. He also said that as the movie got big positive reviews both from the audience and the critics, the makers are keen on making a sequel for the movie.

As far as we know, the plot of Shazam 2 must be based on something related to the post-credits scene in the original movie. If DC succeeds in continuing the plot of the first movie like Marvel did, it has a greater chance to extend its franchise further. Another interesting buzz is that Black Adam’s gonna have a positive character in the sequel, Shazam 2.

Shazam 2 to begin shooting in mid 2020

Black Adam

It is also a big asset to Shazam 2 that the makers somehow managed to bring back the ace writer Henry Gayden who worked for the first film as well. So, we can expect the sequel, Shazam 2 to be an emotional ride as it was in the first part.

Everything else we know about Shazam 2

A sequel for any superhero movie obviously brings back the lead actor who plays the title role and other main actors in key roles. So, obviously, Zachary Levi is on board.

As we are not sure of the plot, we are not sure of Asher Angel’s comeback. But according to the resources, the makers are planning to complete the project as early as possible i.e., before a substantial growth in the young cast. So, Angel’s on the board too.

So, let us wait for the official announcement of Shazam 2!

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