Sherlock Holmes 3 begins its production under Dexter Fletcher

Sherlock Holmes 3 is under production

Dexter Fletcher is set to lend his directorial skills to Sherlock Holmes 3. The movie will also have, our very own Ironman, Robert Dawney Jr.

Dexter Fletcher is taking ownership of the popular franchise from Guy Richie who directed the two sequels. Both Sherlock Holmes in 2009 and Sherlock Holmes: A game of Shadows in 2011, grossed $524million and $545.4million worldwide respectively.

The films made huge success and wooed well the critics as well as the audience leaving them wanting for more.

Who is Dexter Fletcher?

Dexter Fletcher , the new Sherlock Homes director

Dexter Fletcher took over ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’s’ direction at the last hour when Bryan Singer was kicked out by the production. Nevertheless, his latest work is the Elton John biopic ’Rocketman’.

He also gave direction to the ’Rocketman’ star Taron Edgerton in his flick ‘Eddie Andy Eagle’. He earned a nomination in the BAFTA awards for his 2011 debut movie “Wild Bill” and also gave directions for the Scottish stage Musical adaptation, “Sunshine on Leith”.

Dexter Fletcher’s  Sherlock Holmes 3 team

Sources say that Warner Bros was always into making the third sequel of the hit series. However, Robert Downey‘s uptight schedule had always been an issue. The upcoming sequel of the epic thriller will land in the theatres on December 21, 2021, expectedly.

Jude Law might play the role of professor Watson once again. Chris  Brancato will lend the script for the upcoming mystery flick. While the production will have Susan Downey, Joel Silver, Dan Lin, Lionel Wigram on board.

According to the former updates, the project was ready to start on the Christmas Eve of 2020. However, the project will now begin from March of 2021. Village Roadshow is co-producing the movie alongside Warner Bros.

Looks like the wait is going to be a little long. However, to have the Ironman back on the screens as Sherlock Holmes in the thriller number will be a treat to the viewers.

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