Shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival leaves 4 dead and 15 wounded

Shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival leaves 4 dead and 15 wounded

Another shooting has taken place in the United States, this time in the San Francisco bay area at Gilroy Garlic Festival. Read further for more details.

What we know about the shooting:

– 4 dead, including a six-year-old kid and a shooter, 15 others injured in a shooting at the well known Gilroy Garlic Festival nearly 80 miles southeast of San Francisco

– Gilroy police rapidly shot and murdered the shooter

– A manhunt is also on for the accomplice

Four individuals including a suspect are dead and 15 others injured after at any rate one shooter opened flame Sunday evening during the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California, experts said. Many individuals were sent scrambling for wellbeing.

The dead also incorporate six-year-old Stephen Luciano Romero, of San Jose, experts said. The states of the injured ran from basic to reasonable.

Shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival leaves 4 dead and 15 wounded

The Gilroy Garlic Festival in action with food vendors and craftsmen. Source: Official Website

Gilroy Garlic Festival: What does the police say?

Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee told journalists in a late-night instruction that Gilroy officials targeted a suspect just after a moment when the shots were fired and executed him.

Smithee said observers told specialists at any rate one other individual may have been associated with the shooting however there was no affirmation of that or the job the person may have played. He said a manhunt was in progress for the conceivable assistant.

Police Respond to Reports of Shooting at Garlic Festival. At least 11 casualties. from news

Government law authorization sources also revealed that the FBI was among various law requirement offices at the scene helping Gilroy police, who were driving the examination.

Smithee said the suspect or suspects seemed to have sliced through a wire fence at a rivulet circumscribing the celebration grounds to sidestep substantial security to obtain entrance.

There was no early word on a conceivable intention. Witnesses also said the shooter gave off an impression of being terminating indiscriminately. A few observers said he abruptly showed up from behind a phase at Gilroy Garlic Festival before starting to shoot.

“It’s simply unfathomably dismal and debilitating that an occasion that does as such much useful for our locale needs to experience the ill effects of a catastrophe like this,” Smitee included.

The shooting occurred on the most recent day of the yearly three-day celebration, Gilroy Garlic Festival. It also highlights sustenance, cooking rivalries and music and draws in excess of 100,000 individuals.


Gilroy is a city of 50,000 exactly 80 miles southeast of San Francisco.

Near disaster for the band

The band Tin Man was completing a reprise when gunfire emitted.

Van Breen and different individuals from the band dove under the stage.

Van Breen also said that he heard somebody yell, “For what reason are you doing this?” The individual reacted, “On the grounds that I’m extremely furious.”

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