Shrek 5 Movie Updates: Is the Upcoming Installment a Shrek Sequel or Shrek Reboot?

Shrek 5 Movie Updates: Is the Upcoming Installment a Shrek Sequel or Shrek Reboot?

Shrek 5 is the upcoming movie in the animated series and fans have been waiting for the installment for almost a decade now. There are no clear updates on the movie and some reports even say that the fifth Shrek movie is canceled and the franchise is dead.

However, Shrek 5 is happening as per most of the sources as NBCUniversal has big plans for the character after taking over Dreamworks animation studio. But the biggest question that still remains is whether Shrek 5 will be a sequel or a reboot?

Shrek 5 is Sequel or a Reboot?

Shrek 5 sequel should be the obvious answer all the entries in the franchise are direct sequels and continues the storyline ahead. However, most of the reports suggest that Shrek 5 will be a reboot instead of a sequel as there are plans to reinvent the franchise.

While the cast and characters will still be the same, the storyline will set up in such a way that it acts kind of a soft reboot. It means Shrek 5 will both be a sequel and a reboot or we can simply call it a soft reboot instead.

Shrek 5 Movie Updates

Shrek 5 release date was earlier set as September 22, 2022, but that will most probably get delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the theatrical releases and filming schedules have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak and the same will happen to Shrek 5 movie too. There are reports that Shrek 5 will begin production near the end of this year and the movie can come out in the first half of 2023 if things go as per the plan.

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