Shrek 5 Reboot Release Date, Spoilers: Fans should not Lose Hope on the Next Shrek Installment

Shrek 5 Reboot Release Date, Spoilers- Fans should not Lose Hope on the Next Shrek Installment

Shrek 5 reboot is on the way and fans waiting for the fifth installment of the animated movie series should not lose hope at all. There are several rumors claiming that Shrek 5 has been canceled and there won’t be a fifth Shrek movie. However, it is not true as Shrek 5 was announced officially way back in 2015 and the movie has been under progress since then.

NBCUniversal taking over Dreamworks studios might have delayed the project but it doesn’t mean that the movie is canceled. In fact, NBC has big plans for Shrek 5 as they want it to be a reboot for the modern audience on a very large scale. The pre-production work on Shrek 5 has already started and soon it will start filming to complete the schedule for a 2022 release date.

Shrek 5 Reboot and New Story Details

Shrek 5 Reboot and New Story Details

NBCUniversal had big plans for the Shrek movie franchise after taking over Dreamworks and they wanted the fifth movie to be completely different from the first four movies. It is why they hired Michael McCullers to take over the script for Shrek 5 and give it a fresh storyline, making it a reboot instead of a direct sequel.

Shrek 5 reboot means it won’t continue the storyline from the previous movies but will have the same main characters and a new story set in the same universe.

I finished that script and it’s really personal to me and it’s got a pretty big reinvention behind it that I guess I can’t really reveal.

Michael McCullers on Shrek 5

There are some rumors which claim that Shrek 5 reboot will be set in the modern-day timeline, where the green ogre and the donkey will try to adapt to the current technology and different gadgets.

Shrek 5 Release Date is Set and Pre-Production has Started

Shrek 5 Release Date is Set and Pre-Production has Started 

Shrek 5 pre-production has started and everything is going as per the schedule. The script changes will be finalized before the filming start and it will happen near the end of this year as the COVID-19 pandemic clears out.

The coronavirus outbreak won’t hinder the shooting of Shrek 5 that much as it is an animated movie and most of the shots are done inside the studio via motion-capture performance. Shrek 5 reboot release date is set as September 2022, where the movie will premiere in theaters all over the world.

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