Shrek 5 Release Date Delay: When will the latest Shrek Sequel premiere in Theaters?

Shrek 5 Release Date Delay- When will the latest Shrek Sequel premiere in Theaters?

Shrek 5 release date should have been out by now if it wasn’t for NBCUniversal taking over the Dreamworks studios. While it has not canceled the next Shrek sequel as many fans are worried, it might have certainly delayed the animated movie.

The fifth Shrek movie is in works since 2016 but it was somehow postponed due to multiple reasons. It is also kind of confirmed that the next Shrek installment won’t be a direct sequel and act as a soft reboot instead. Here are more details on Shrek 5 release date and updates on when will it premiere in theaters.

Shrek 5 Filming and Premiere are Delayed

Shrek 5 Filming and Premiere are Delayed

Shrek 5 pre-production work and scriptwriting process has started but the movie is yet to go on floors. There were reports that Shrek 5 will come out in 2020 but there are no hints of that happening anytime soon. The animated studio is kind of busy with other projects such as “The Boss Baby” and “Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves.”

Although, it doesn’t mean that Shrek 5 is put on hold as NBCUniversal has big plans for the franchise. The production house wants to make theme parks and such and hence Shrek 5 has been delayed for a few years.

When will Shrek 5 Release in Theaters?When will Shrek 5 Release in Theaters

Shrek 5 release date is predicted as September 2022 based on the theatrical slots booked by the Dreamworks studio. Michael McCullers has been hired to write the script for Shrek reboot and it is expected to start filming soon once the COVID-19 pandemic clears out. Shrek 5 will surely premiere in theaters and won’t go to streaming service as per some rumors.

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