Shrek 5 Release Date Gets Major Boost as Dreamworks Confirms Production and Plot Details

shrek 5

The next movie in the franchise after “Shrek Forever After” is “Shrek 5”. It has been reported that “Shrek 5” will be the last Shrek movie in the series; and further, that it will not be a sequel, but a reboot.

shrek 5

Film Franchise’s Reboot

It was earlier explained that “Shrek 5” will bring a fresh story and it will not be a continuation of the last Shrek movie. With a reboot, the movie is expected to bring a new theme and plot that is dissimilar to the previous movies in the franchise. To summarize, the franchise will be reinvented and the movie will offer viewers something new this time.

Although the movie is expected to start with a clean slate, the characters from previous Shrek movies will return in “Shrek 5”. These characters will need to be prepped as per the new plot featuring the modern way of life.

It was in 2016 that DreamWorks Animation was purchased by NBCUniversal and “Shrek 5” was announced. Steve Burke – Chairman, NBCUniversal made known his plans to bring the franchise back. A few months later, reports surfaced that the film had ben set for a 2019 release.

Current Status: Canceled or Delayed?

Evidently, a 2019 release did not happen. Even if Michael McCullers, the new writer, is done with the script – the production was never commenced. While the fears remain that NBCUniversal may have withdrew the plan to bring the franchise back, there are indications of it being a delay and not a cancellation.

Fans cannot be blamed for concluding cancellation of the franchise since Dreamworks made no posts updating the fans about the movie. Nevertheless, Dreamworks’ boss Jeffrey Katzenberg has stated that another movie will happen after the fourth.

Finally, it was posted on IMDb that “Shrek 5” will release in 2022.

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