Shrek 5 Release Date: Plot, Script, Reboot Details, Spoilers for the Upcoming Ogre Movie

Shrek 5 Release Date Plot, Script, Reboot Details, Spoilers for the Upcoming Ogre Movie

Shrek 5 has to come out as it has been more than 9 years since the last movie came out and fans have been demanding another sequel. The fifth film in the Shrek franchise was announced in 2015 but even after four years, there is no official update on the same. There are reports that Dreamworks might be busy in the production of the ‘Puss in Boots 2’ movie and it can cause a delay in Shrek 5 as the same crew members work on both the movies.

However, the writer for the fifth Shrek movie, Michael McCullers has said that he has finished the scrip and work will start very soon on the project. Here is everything we know about the release date, plot, script, reboot details and more for Shrek 5, the upcoming ogre movie.

‘Shrek 5’ Release Date, Script and Production

'Shrek 5' Release Date, Script and Production

Shrek 5 will definitely come out as the production has started on the movie and even the writers have finished up the script. There might be some delays involved but NBCUniversal won’t leave such a golden chance to cash on the popular Shrek movie franchise. There are some leaks which say that Shrek 5 could release on September 23, 2022, as per the slots booked by Universal Pictures.

Michael McCullers says that he has finished the script and it is very close to his heart. However, when Universal brought Dreamworks for $3 billion, things have changed and now the corporate will decide when to resume production for Shrek 5 and whether it will be a reboot or a sequel.

Plot Predictions for ‘Shrek 5’ Reboot

Plot Predictions for 'Shrek 5' Reboot

Shrek 5 will be totally different from the previous movies in terms of themes and even animation style. It has been around a decade and technologies making animation videos have evolved so much that Shrek 5 will have an entirely different look.

Shrek and Fiona’s kids could be all grown up and teenagers now, the plot can revolve around them. As for the point of reboot or sequel, Shrek 5 could be a soft reboot where the main characters are replaced and it exists in the same world.

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