Shrek 5 Release Date, Plot Updates: New Villains will be Introduced for the Shrek Reboot Story

Shrek 5 Release Date, Plot Updates- New Villains will be Introduced for the Shrek Reboot Story

Shrek 5 will come out soon and we can soon expect an official announcement as the movie production goes on floors. There have been multiple reports saying that Shrek 5 is canceled but that is not true as the makers have big plans for the franchise.

NBCUniversal has overtaken the Dreamworks animation studios and the Shrek franchise is a big target for them. There will be multiple Shrek and Puss in the Boots sequel, theme parks, merchandise and other forms of media. Shrek 5 is a very integral part of the plan and here are more updates on the movie.

Shrek 5 Release Date and Trailer Updates

Shrek 5 Release Date and Trailer Updates 

Shrek 5 release date is September 22, 2022, as per some of the reports and it will be updated soon. There is no clear way to know when will the movie release as the COVID-19 pandemic has totally changed everything.

Even the movies with fixed release dates such as Black Widow, Fast and Furious 9, James Bond: No Time to Die are now postponed and hence Shrek 5 release date can never be fixed. Also, fans should not believe any random dates and not trust any leaks unless they see the official Shrek 5 trailer that reveals the movie’s premiere date. 

Shrek 5 Plot Spoilers and New Reboot Villains

Shrek 5 Plot Spoilers and New Reboot Villains 

Shrek 5 plot is still under the wraps but it has been reported that the movie will be a reboot instead of a direct sequel. Michael McCullers has been hired to write a fresh script and he is already done with the story for the fifth Shrek movie.

Shrek 5 plot rumors say that the movie will take place in modern times with new gadgets and technology, where Shrek and Donkey will have a hard time adjusting to the new stuff. It is also expected that Shrek 5 storyline will introduce some new villains or some of the previous bad guys: Lord Farquaad, Thelonius, Prince Charming, Rumpelstiltskin, etc. could also make a comeback.

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