Shrek 5 Release Date Update: Has The Movie Series Been Cancelled?

Shrek 5 Release Date

Having started off since 2001, the Shrek series of films have been one of the most entertaining animated film franchises featuring a great story plus many lessons when you give it a detailed look. Fans of the Jolly Green Ogre await Shrek 5 – the fifth film in the series, but it appears that they will have to wait for a long time before they hear anything official about the film! Fear among the fans is that the series might just get canceled if it gets too late.

Shrek 5 Cancelled

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Shrek 5 Release Date Update: When Will it Come Out?

As of this writing, there is no update on the film. Word is that there is a huge demand for it from the fans but the studios don’t consider it a large enough number to produce a new film on Shrek, especially given the fact that the fourth Shrek movie was a disaster in the box office. The fifth Shrek movie is still a long way away.

Shrek 5 Release Date

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Furthermore, there are rumors that DreamWorks has given up on Shrek’s story and might cancel the current storyline altogether!

Has the Shrek Series Been Cancelled?

Shrek 5

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This is one of the biggest fears of those who love the Shrek movies. However, the plans don’t seem to be of shutting down the entire series altogether but side characters such as Puss in the Boots might get more movies later on. Plans are also to reboot Shrek and create a live-action version of the popular animated film – but none of these plans seem to be immediate.

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