Shrek 5 Release Date Updates: What are the latest Reports on the Fifth Shrek Movie?

Shrek 5 Release Date Updates: What are the latest Reports on the Fifth Shrek Movie?
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Shrek 5 is one of the most anticipated animated movies and everyone is eagerly waiting for any sort of updates from the last few years. There have been multiple reports saying that the fifth Shrek movie is under development and it will be a reboot. At the same time, there are contradicting statements that say Shrek 5 is canceled and the movie franchise is dead.

But there is no way NBCUniversal will give up on one of the most popular Dreamworks creations after paying such a hefty amount for the studios. Shrek 5 is surely happening as the movie is under development for years and here is everything you need to know about the fifth Shrek movie.

Shrek 5 is in Development and Pre-Production Stage

Shrek 5 was first given a green signal in 2016 and ever since that work has been done on the movie. Michael McCullers was hired to give a fresh new take on the Shrek franchise and the writer says he is already done with the Shrek 5 script. There are also reports that the pre-production work on the next Shrek movie was about to start last year but things were delayed a bit due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that things are getting a bit better, Shrek 5 production will resume in the second half of this year and things will proceed smoothly after that. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and other cast members are all set to return in the Shrek 5 movie even though their characters will totally get a new twist.

 Shrek 5 Release Date Updates

Shrek 5 release date was earlier set as September 2022 as per the theatrical release slot but those plans are easily derailed by now. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed most of the Hollywood movies and nothing is certain now about any theatrical release date. Shrek 5 release date could be now delayed to 2023 or early 2024 as most of the theatrical releases are shifted by a year or two.

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