Shrek 5 Release Not Cancelled, Premiere Most Likely Delayed to 2022

Shrek 5 Release date

DreamWorks recently celebrated 19 years of Shrek! The studio highlighted the 4 Shrek movies to mark the day. Fans are now in anticipation of Shrek 5 release date, the fifth movie since the franchise’s first movie back in 2010.

It has been almost a decade since the last Shrek movie “Shrek Forever After” premiered in 2010. Since then, DreamWorks or NBC Universal has not made any comments regarding the much soughtafter Shrek 5 movie.

Shrek 5 Release date

Shrek 5 Release Date: How Far Along Is it?

Even in absence of an announcement from DreamWorks, there is enough information on the internet suggesting that the next Shrek movie will indeed happen. The movie has definitely not been axed as the fans had started to believe in absence of official announcements for the next Shrek movie.

However, it must be noted that Shrek 5 was confirmed way back in 2016. The filming for Shrek 5 was to commence immediately following the conclusion of scriptwriting. But DreamWorks was keen on other films at the time such as the sequel to “Puss in Boots.” This resulted in postponement of release of Shrek 5.

NBC Universal expressed its intention to reboot the franchise and not make a sequel. Therefore, the studio hired a new writer. The bosses were in agreement with the idea on the grounds that a reboot will help the story blend in with the current era.

“He is creatively going to try to help us figure out how to resurrect ‘Shrek’ and add value as we create new franchises,” said Burke, as quoted by NME, after confirmation of the animated film. “The overall goal, he explained, will be to maximize revenues by creating popular characters which can be licensed out for lucrative spin-off merchandise and theme park attractions.”

Shrek 5: The Expected Release Date

Shrek 5 was earlier scheduled to release in 2019, but it ended up getting delayed. As of this moment, no official announcements have been made stating the release date. Nevertheless, the film’s IMDB page suggests Shrek 5 will release in 2022.

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