Shrek 5 Updates: What does the 20th Anniversary of First Shrek means for the Sequel?

Shrek 5 Updates: What does the 20th Anniversary of First Shrek means for the Sequel?

Shrek 5 is the next installment in the animated movie franchise for which fans are waiting for the last few years. There are hardly any solid updates on the next Shrek sequel and some reports even claim that the fifth Shrek is canceled.

However, most of the reports are contrary and have faith that Shrek 5 will come out in the next few years. Shrek recently celebrated its 20th anniversary on April 22nd as it marked 20 years of release for the first film in the series. Here are the latest updates on Shrek 5 release date, production after the franchise is 20 years old.

Shrek Just Celebrated the 20th Anniversary of First Film

Shrek was released in theaters on April 22, 2001, and it marked 20 years of the film a few days back. Everyone thought that Universal Studios will make some big announcement about the future of the series but sadly nothing of that sort came out.

Although, the Universal Orlando Resort defended the Shrek franchise and called out articles that were defaming the animated movie series. It might be a small hint but it made it clear that the makers still have not abandoned the Shrek franchise and there might be more Shrek movies coming out in the future.

Shrek 5 Release Date and Production Updates

Shrek 5 release date was reported as of September 2022 in the previous sources, but that might have changed after the COVID-19 pandemic happened. The entire Hollywood movie slate is now uncertain with release dates being postponed multiple times. It is why there is no fixed Shrek 5 release date but the movie will start production later this year and we hope things are finished soon.

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