Silverstone Grand Prix to celebrate James Bond with special licence livery

Silverstone Grand Prix is celebrating 1007th race to tribute James Bond

This Weekend at the Silverstone Grand Prix, fans will witness the world of James Bond. The die-heart fans along with motor car sponsor Aston Martin will celebrate the 1007th race. Along with Red Bull cars and featured race car adjoining the iconic logo 007. This logo will be added on the cockpit and rear wings of Red Bull cars. Moreover, Bond-inspired number plates and pit garage by Q’s MI6 labs.

Silverstone Grand Prix is celebrating 1007th race to tribute James Bond

The iconic number plate from the Bond movie “The Living Daylights”
Credits: Motoring Research

Silverstone Grand Prix will witness fans stirred with iconic number plates from James Bond Movies

The lead driver Max Verstappen has curated the best iconic number plate. It will feature the BMT 216A number from the iconic James Bond movie “Goldfinger”. Moreover, his colleague Pierre Gasly is ready with his Aston Martin registered number B549 WUU from the movie “The Living Daylights”.

Christian Horner from Red Bull is excited about the 1007th race. This will showcase the world of James Bond for their true fans. And Aston Martin being a true carrier for Bond movies over the years is sponsoring the event. Thus, the iconic cars used in British Agent’s movies will be remarkable at the Silverstone Grand Prix.

Silverstone Grand Prix is celebrating 1007th race to tribute James Bond

F1 racers giving tribute to Bond – Iconic number from Goldfinger
Credits: 007 Official website

And now a true fan will surely enjoy with their keen eyes in the broad daylight event. Aston Martin is a prominent sponsor and a relevant contributor to the James Bond movies. Therefore, President of the motor company unveiled his feeling for this grand event with the 1007th race.

Aston Martin has curated the sponsor for the race events

Another exciting news for the fans – they are welcomed to witness the motion exhibition of James Bond. This exhibition is scheduled on the day of the race at F1 fan zone. However, the exhibition will feature most the Bond’s iconic cars handheld by James Bond itself.

Silverstone Grand Prix is celebrating 1007th race to tribute James Bond

“Bond in Motion” exhibition to represent all the movie cars for 6 decades
Credits: Formula 1 official

At the Silverstone Grand Prix, fans will be shaken by the theme and the respect to celebrate Bond day. The 1007th race is going to be iconic and the cars printed with the iconic number of plates.

Moreover, Aston Martin is also a solely responsible contributor to all of the James Bond movies. And this event celebration by all of the sponsors and driver is getting really exciting.

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