Silverstone to now host Formula One races in British Grand Prix

Teams speak up on Silverstone deal with British Grand Prix

Silverstone has finally acquired a long term deal to host Formula One races in Great Britain. The pre match press conference of Sunday’s British GP had all the franchise’s speaking up on the news, Honda’s Austria win and other intriguing topics. The British GP will be a great opportunity for Lewis Hamilton to stamp his authority on Great Britain circuit with record 6 wins.

Why is Silverstone deal the right thing for GP

All the representatives including Toyaharu Tanabe from Honda and Horner from Red Bull were on the same page when asked about this deal. Claire Williams from Williams, Brown from Mclaren and Marcin Budowski from Renault also agreed to Silverstone being the best track for racing here.

McLaren’s 2019 British GP Poster from formula1

The fans of Silverstone and British Grand Prix were the topic of appreciation. Budowski said that the fans were very ‘expert’ here at Silverstone. They did enjoy racing and there was negligible booing every time he came here. The drivers got full support and the atmosphere is very positive.

Zak also thought the Silverstone holds the best British Grand Prix. Claire Williams went one step ahead going on to say he’s been coming here for a remarkable 43 years.

“I’ve been coming here for 43 years, something like that. It was the race we were taken to as children, our special treat, the only race that Dad would let his kids come to. I remember being there in those glory days of Williams,” Williams went on to say about the British GP.

Renault in the rebuilding phase

Marcin, the Renault representative has finished one year at Renault now. He was asked if the structure of the underperforming Renault has seen improvements all the while.

The team’s been under reconstruction after mist of the owners and staff left Renault. Marcin was quick to point out how the investments have doubled since his inclusion. The reconstruction phase is going as per plan he reckons.

Teams speak up on Silverstone deal with British Grand Prix

Mercedes will again be the team to beat at British GP. Image : Ausmotive

“So we’re in that phase of rebuilding still. It’s in a much better place than it was – but there’s still some work to do, and certainly since I arrived I’ve focused on the organisation structure: putting the right people in the right positions,” Marcin said ahead of Sunday’s British GP.

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