Skrillex promises new DnB track this summer

Skrillex promises new DnB track this summer

After almost a year of teasing some new music, Skrillex has finally decided to reveal a brand new DnB track. This was all decided during his holiday weekend, that he will release the track to on his Instagram Story and it really seems too amazing.

About Skrillex

Sonny John Moore is professionally known as Skrillex: an American singer, music programmer, DJ, record producer, and a songwriter. As a lead vocalist, he entered the band American post-hardcore in the year 2004,  From “First to Last” and recorded 2 albums “Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count” in 2004, and “Heroine” in 2006 with them.

Skrillex has finally decided to reveal a brand new DnB track

He then left to continue his music career as a solo vocalist in the year 2007. He commenced his very first journey as a solo performer lately in 2007.

He recruited a new band starter then joined himself with the Alternative Press Tour to promote bands like The Rocket Summer and All Time Low.  Also with The Alternative Press annual, he performed in the cover song “Hundred Bands You Need to Know !”

Skrillex and DnB Track

Skrillex is famous for a diversity of genres and styles. Therefore, it is not a surprise that he’s offering an innovative range of DnB track. Skrillex already promised earlier that, this track will be definitely coming out this summer!

Check out the video through the following link :

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