Skybridge in US Opens in Tennessee Next Month

Skybridge in US Opens in Tennessee Next Month

Longest pedestrian suspension bridge known as Skybridge is going to open soon in North America. Now, every individual can get a chance to walk across the bridge along with their family and friends in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If you are unaware about this bridge, then you need to add it in your bucket list.

Skybridge: Unique details

The bridge is stretched 680 feet over a valley in the Great Smoky Mountains. It is a “see-through” bridge which allows the tourists to watch the ground 140 feet below. If you have Acrophobia, then avoid visiting it.

Additionally, the bridge has a new chairlift feature that takes the person above five hundred feet to the Crockett Mountain. Travelling above to the bridge with chairlift is an easy way.

Skybridge in US Opens in Tennessee Next Month

Tourists can enjoy scenic views after stepping off the lift. The rates for kids is $12 per head and for an adult is $15. Moreover, the Skybridge is expected to open on May 17, 2019.

Besides, you can take your own time while crossing the bridge. Plus, the authorities have not added any specific time limit to finish the walk on the bridge.

Things to do on the bridge

As per the sources, this bridge is said to be the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America. Moreover, the tourists can click as many pictures they want and can check out the scene of downtown Gatlinburg. Plus, they can get a chance to watch the panoramic view of Great Smoky Mountain National Park from the bridge.

However, there are two more bridges which claim to be the longest pedestrian bridge. The first one is a pedestrian suspension bridge located at Kelowna Mountain in Canada.

Skybridge in US Opens in Tennessee Next Month

The builders have claimed that it is 800 feet long. The second one is the huge Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge located in Switzerland. It was inaugurated in 2017, and it is claimed to be 1,621 feet long.

Pack your bags and get ready to walk across the Skybridge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with your loved ones.

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