WWE to bring iconic Smackdown Fist post move to Fox

WWE to bring iconic Smackdown Fist post move to Fox

As WWE now moves to Fox, a host of changes are expected and that has all the fans buzzing is the return of Smackdown fist. WWE are looking to a throwback to the attitude-era on Smackdown live and nothing displayes it more than the Smackdown fist.

Nostalgia the USP of WWE on Fox

The WWE industry attracts a lot of viewers through nostalgia. People get a familiar feel looking at what used to watch so fascinatingly and is now extinct. And while it might take a long way back for switching from HD to TV 14, a new/old hybrid set looks round the corner.

WWE to bring iconic Smackdown Fist post move to Fox

And Smackdown fist is a huge part of the old era until HD completely took over the fist coming out of mirror was scrapped. According to a tweet by Brad Shepard WWE wants to revamp the sets of Smackdown Live and bring the iconic fist back.

“As I previously reported, a new set with an Attitude Era-feel is coming to #WWE #SDLive on Fox. I’m told the plan is for the new set to feature the return of the Smackdown fist. The fist is currently ready for use and in storage. #OYDKWS,” Shepard’s tweet read.

A return of Smackdown fist after 11 years

Smackdown is the epitome of aggressive, gruelling wrestling. It used to frustrate superstars with 4-way fatal matches that one would want to punch a mirror. That was the idea of the iconic fist in the attitude-era.

The classic fist set started in 2001 and featured a fist breaking a mirror like structure. It used to create an aura at the Smackdown until HD sets took over and the fist got scrapped.


Superstars like The Undertaker lit up the atmosphere entering from around the big fist. It would look as deadly with Roman Reigns entering besides that.

Now whether it’s a full fledged fist coming back or a lighter incarnation remains to be seen. But all in all, the WWE fans would be hell excited to see the fist and all the others in the exciting tie up of WWE with fox.

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