Smoking and Drinking Effects on Coronavirus: Will you get COVID-19 Infection?

Smoking and Drinking Effects on Coronavirus Will you get COVID-19 Infection

Coronavirus lockdown has closed down all the non-essential service which is creating huge issues for smokers and drinkers. While some of them don’t have access to cigarettes or alcohol, some have stockpiled the supplies and increased their dosage due to staying at home the whole day. Since drinking and smoking have dangerous effects on the immune system, doctors have advised people to cut down their tobacco and alcohol consumption.

However, there are several rumors which claim that alcohol and smoking prevent COVID-19 infection by killing the virus. It is not true at all and on the contrary, could make your body more susceptible to coronavirus and very bad health conditions.

Smoking and Drinking are Dangerous to Coronavirus Infected Patients

Smoking and Drinking are Dangerous to Coronavirus Infected Patients

The novel coronavirus enters the lung cells and attaches itself with the host, replicating its own genetic material using the infected cell. When someone smokes cigarettes, marijuana or even vape, it causes a lot of damage to the lungs via an immune response. It is why individuals who are heavy smokers have damaged lungs which makes it easier for the Coronavirus to infect them.

The same thing happens when someone drinks alcohol as it weakens the liver and other protective measures in our body. There are more chances for a person to get COVID-19 infection if he drinks or smokes as per most of the researches.

Does Drinking Cures Coronavirus?

Does Drinking Cures Coronavirus

There are some rumors which state that drinking alcohol can kill the coronavirus in your body and get rid of the disease. It is not true and just a baseless rumor as people who drink have higher chances to die of COVID-19 infection as their body immune power is very weak.

The rumors seem to have originated from the fact the alcohol-based sanitizers are used to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But there is a huge difference between the virus on the surface and the COVID-19 that are inside our lungs. It is why we would advise our readers to not believe in any such rumors and stop drinking-smoking to stay safe from coronavirus.

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