Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Fight over Spilled Secrets After Their Breakup?


Is there anything true about the report: Scott Disick notifying Sofia Richie to stop spilling their relationship secrets in public?

Scott Disick was furious with his ex Sofia Richie over spilling their relationship secrets.The  report claimed that Richie has promised Scott that she will keep their things private, but the model is sharing his secrets.

Disick notified Richie that if she will not stop than he will have to reveal her secrets. Scott is feeling betrayed by Richie and regrets on having a relationship with her.

The publication then tried to prove his point by a wrong report. It stated that Richie’s elder sister has warned her about the behavior of Scott. Now it is making a false accusation that

Richie is telling everyone that Nicole is right.

Nothing about it is true and what were the secrets she is trying to reveal. It is not yet confirmed by the publication. It was expected that Scott will forgive his ex and move on.

There was a claim that Scott has decided to reveal his ex secrets. But this claim did not prove anything and it seemed vague.

Is there any truth in these accusations?

Several reports claimed that the pair is trying hard to get back in relationship. But this prediction also proved void. After their split, It was also claimed that he broke his relationship with Richie to date  Kylie Jenner. That claim also not true. Earlier this year it was claimed that Scott is cheating on Richie by dating Kourtney Kardashian but it also went bogus. So another claim that is made by publication went false.

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