Song-Song Korean couple finalises their divorce: See details

Song-Song Korean couple finalises divorce

Do not we guys get more attached to our favorite celebs than they have been themselves. Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo’s divorce came as a shock to many ardent Song-Song fans. While the divorce ended on amicable terms, some of us are still hoping to see them back together. Unfortunately, I am one among them.

Nonetheless, the duo tried to reconcile and restart fresh for the past year, but all their efforts now seem to go in vain. The spotlighted relationship was doing well during the initial months of marriage. But with a twisted fate, the two walked their ways apart after abandoning other’s toxic circle.

And after a span of one year and eight months of a troubled marriage, Seoul’s family court finally approved to Song-Song impending divorce filings. The judiciary has firmly approved of Song Joong-Ki’s divorce alimonies and final settlements.

The Song-Song Couple calls it quits

Song-Song Korean couple finalises divorce


The Song-Song couple first announced their separation scoops back in June. Not to mention that all their Korean fandom was always suspicious about something that’s unworking between the two.

Meanwhile, the two never spoke ineptly of each other, thus fueling our hopes of months-long patch-up tidings. In spite, the Song-Song divorce sanctions have brutally shattered all our last-day hopes with putting a full-stop over their half-year long relationship.

Watch Public reaction over Songs’ divorce

The Songs’ fans were drolling mad over the saddening news. One of  Joong Ki’s follower took to twitter and shared:

The journey may be a little bittersweet but  wonderful. Wishing them a genuine life ahead. I am always going to be a #Song-SongCouple supporter.

Meanwhile, other supporting tweets emerged as:

The couple was a bit different from each other but they could have worked it out. They might have overcome all their differences. But one of them lacks commitment and other effort to make things work. Well, lots of love to the #Song-SongCouple. All the Best!

The divorce scoop has led all of us heartbroken. But I believe, the two will find their perfect places within some other perfect hearts.

We wish both of our favourite co-stars with a lifetime of love and luck. We hope you guys will have a happy life ahead.

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