Sony installs its first Super Resolution TV in Japan


Sony will be installing its first Super Resolution TV in Japan. This TV is 63ft by 17ft (19.2m by 5.4m).

Sony’s Super Resolution Tv will be displayed at a new research centre in Yokohama, Japan.

This colossal 16K display has 16 times more pixels than a 4K television.

Sony installs its first super-resolution TV in Japan

According, to the reports this super-resolution television has 64 times more pixels than a 1080 Full high Definition Tv. This means that you will get to see images in more detail.

Larger than the size of a bus this screen will be displayed between the first and second floors.

However, this screen is not a single display screen.

Super Resolution Tv in Japan

This giant television uses crystal LED technology that allows multiple screen panels to work together as if its all a part of one unit.

Previously, Sony has designed a 16K display which was displayed on Tokyo’s Haneda airport in the year 2014.

According, to David Mercer,

Humans are moving towards 8K TVs slowly. And no one knows how long or how far will it take to get beyond 8K Tvs, and for this reason 16K is more likely to be limited to the corporate world for the present time.

Well, for now, Sony is using a small range, and lower resolution crystal LED displays for the use in offices, showrooms and Cinemas.

Technology has always been amazing for humans and it is the long-distance vision of companies like Sony that such mesmerizing devices are available to everyone.

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