Sony Launches PlayStation Production studio to make TV shows and Movies


A new production studio has been launched by the entertainment company Sony. The studio is called PlayStation Production.

This is done to drive into approximately a quarter-century old collection of games. The main purpose is to turn these games into films and TV shows. The studio and enterprise are working together on their first project. This project will be starting in California where Sony’s lot is located.

The PlayStation Production is overseen by the Shawn Layden. Shawn Layden is Chairman of Worldwide Studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony’s new production studio has a task to develop projects including TV shows and movies based on Sony’s library of PlayStation Games.

Sony Launches PlayStation Production studio to make TV shows and Movies

The PlayStation Production house is overseen by Shawn Layden

Shawn Layden says that the company is also inspired by Marvel’s transition from comic books. In addition to this in the twenty-first century, Hollywood has transformed. As a result of this gaming has become a great storyline for the filmmakers.

Adding further, Layden said that making a movie out of 80 hours of gameplay is a good challenge for the moviemakers.

Sony interactive entertainment Launches PlayStation Productions

Layden also stated that TV shows and Movies have provided fans with a place to turn to as they have come down from beating a title that they waited years for. And still, there are several more years to wait for the sequel.

Well, it’s amazing to watch movies that are based on your favourite PlayStation games. What is your opinion on this? Follow Blocktoro.com for more amazing updates.

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