Sony PlayStation 5 vs Sony PlayStation 4: Which is Better and Should you Upgrade?

Sony PlayStation 5 vs Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 5 is the latest gaming console to be released very soon which will put other companies on a tough competition. It is said to be a monster package with everything built in required by a gamer. Sony Playstation 4 was the last console in the series and it also fares well today. It has made the users confused whether to stay on PS4 or upgrade to the latest PS5. Here is the Sony PS4 vs Sony PS5 comparison for every aspect and final verdict on whether you should upgrade or not.

Sony PS5 vs Sony PS4 Comparison

Sony PS5 vs Sony PS4

CPU and Processor

The Sony PS4 and PS4 Pro are already a powerful machine running on the CPU which uses AMD’s Jaguar architecture, and four core models for a total of eight cores. Sony has upgraded the CPU of PS5 with AMD’s Zen 2 architecture which has doubled the performance capacity. Sony Playstation 5 features the next gen console CPU which uses eight core models for a total of sixteen cores.

Ray Tracing Display Technology

Ray tracing is the latest display technology which is used by the big-budget Hollywood movies for perfecting their CGI scenes. It is now also available for Computer gaming due to the processor developed by NVIDIA’s RTX GPUs. The Sony Playstation 5 is said to be some part of the ray-tracing tech and it will produce some of the most realistic and incredible game visuals.

8K Display

Sony PS5 vs Sony PS4 Comparison

While the Sony PS4 has a maximum of 1080p to 4K display options, it’s going to be much better for the next gaming consoles. Sony PS5 will have an 8K display rendering and it’s also said to promote the sales of 8K Television sets from Sony.

Custom SSD

The Sony Playstation 4 already had a solid-state drive (SSD) built-in where games could be saved and load without any delays. As for the Sony Playstation 5, it’s going to get even better as Sony demonstrated the custom SSD with a larger capacity and takes almost zero time to load.

Advanced Controller

Sony Playstation 5 will feature one of the most advanced controllers for any gaming consoles. It will feature a microphone which can be used for voice assistant, USB-C instead of micro USB and a much longer battery life.

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