Sony PS4 vs Sony PS5: Wait till Release or Buy in Black Friday 2019 Deals?

Sony PS4 vs Sony PS5 Wait till Release or Buy in Black Friday 2019 Deals

Black Friday is offering a lot of exciting deals on the Sony PS4 and it is available right now. But the important question remains is that if you need a PS4 right now or should you wait for the upcoming PlayStation 5. For anyone who has been planning to get a gaming console since last year, what is the issue in waiting for a few more months and get the latest PS5?

There are some amazing discounts and offers on the PS4 which can lure you to purchase one right now, but one should also see what package they would be getting if they wait for the Sony PS5. Here is a comparison between the features of PS5 and Black Friday 2019 deals for PS4, to make your decision between the debate of PS4 vs PS5 a bit easy.

Why Should you Wait for PlayStation 5?

Why Should you Wait for PlayStation 5

Sony PS5 will be the next generation gaming console and compete with the Xbox Scarlett from Microsoft. It will also be backward compatible which means any game you want to play on PS4, can easily be played on the PS5. The latest God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, GTA 6, etc. could be some of the exclusive game titles to PS5 which will be specially made for the console.

Between the PS4 slim, PS4 Pro and the PS5, the increase in price compared to the improved hardware won’t be much of an issue. The smartest decision will be to wait till Black Friday 2020, it will either have PS5 at a discount or the price of PS4 will be reduced to a much greater extent. In the meantime, one should look for 4K TV deals which is a much essential component required for any kind of next-gen gaming console.

Black Friday Deals on Sony PS4

Black Friday Deals for PS4

Sony PS4 is also a great device, for those who can’t wait and want something right now, you can save as much as $150 on the PlayStation 4 in the Black Friday 2019 sales.

  • Sony PS4:  33% discount – Amazon
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Best Buy
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Walmart
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Target
  • Sony PS4: $199 ($50 discount) – Game Stop
  • Sony PS4: $199 plus $60 Kohl’s cash ($150 discount) – Kohl’s

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