Sony PS5 Price Leaks hints that the Gaming Accessories will make it a Very Costly Console

Sony PS5 Price Leaks hints that the Gaming Accessories will make it a Very Costly Console

Sony PS5 price is currently the biggest question in every gamer’s mind who is planning to buy the next-gen console. While Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 features along with a plethora of new games and a discless version, there was no mention of how much would the console actually cost.

There are several leaks and rumors floating around the internet which claim to know the accurate price of PS5 all over the world and it doesn’t seem that high. However, once we bundle the cost of all the gaming accessories along with the PlayStation 5, this makes it a very costly gaming console.

PS5 Console Price and Digital Version

PS5 Console Price and Digital Version

Sony has not revealed any exact details about the PS5 release date and price but most of the leaks confirm that the console will be out around Holiday 2020 across various countries. One of the Twitter users claims that Sony PlayStation 5 will be out in North America and Europe on November 20 and the console will be sold at a price of $499, €499 and £449. The price seems to be adjusted based on the currency values and it can be said that PS5 will come under $500 in the States.

The same leak also mentions that the PS5 discless version price is set as $399, €399 and £349 and the console without the disc drive will be $100 cheaper than the regular PS5 console. PS5 discless console will have 825 GB SSD making the load times very faster and the only reason it is priced low is that it can only play the games that have a digital version and older game discs won’t work on the console.

PS5 Accessories will raise the Console Price very High

PS5 Accessories will raise the Console Price very High

PlayStation 5 price is not that high in comparison to the previous editions, but once we factor in all the accessories cost, it raises the budget of every gamer. Here is the rumored price list of Sony PS5 accessories that gamers will have to purchase separately along with the console.

  • DualSense Controllers: $59.99, €59.99 and £54.99
  • Charging Station for Controllers: $29.99, €29.99 and £24.99
  • HD Camera for PlayStation 5: $59.99, €59.99 and £54.99
  • Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: $159, €179 and £129

It means that the full PS5 set will cost around $810, €829, or £715, which is way higher than the console price. Even if one avoids the camera and headset, PlayStation 5 will still cost $590 as the controllers and its charging station are necessary. Sony is yet to make any official announcement regarding the PS5 price, but if the leaks are true, gamers will have to pay a high price for the gaming accessories and the console.

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