Space Jam 2 star-cast to have a ton of NBA players along LeBron James

space jam 2 with LeBron James

It seems that the hide and seek game of NBA players with Warner Bros has finally come to an end. Space Jam 2 proudly presents the best of its star-cast for the upcoming sequel. And, for your information, LeBron James isn’t the only sports star, cast in the much-anticipated sequel of Space Jam. 

Space Jam 2: A talented crew with some big names

It's Happening: Space Jam 2 Star-cast to Have a Ton of NBA players

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The long-awaited Space Jam 2 is reported to feature the best NBA players. If sources are believed, NBA players like Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, and Klay Thompson will have a key role in the Terrace Nance film. Moreover, WNBA players Diana Taurasi and Nneka Ogwumike have also passed a “yes” to the script. 

It was earlier reported that WB is having a hard time to recruit other NBA players for their roles.  Meanwhile, James too was struggling to convince his fellow members to take the movie up. The players were full of maybes’ and we all know the reasons behind the delay. The Nike shoe deal was playing low-key in holding the deal for months.

It's Happening: Space Jam 2 Star-cast to Have a Ton of NBA players

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Finally, the cast agreed to play their parts in the movie. The news of their recruitment arrived at a time when the production of the movie was rolling up in its initial stage.

What makes the sequel worth your time

It's Happening: Space Jam 2 Star-cast to Have a Ton of NBA players

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James will be playing the main lead in Space Jam 2. Meanwhile Black Panther fame director, Ryan Coogler will produce the sci-fi sequel.

James seemed pretty happy to be a part of the awaited sequel. He mentioned in a press release:


The Space Jam collaboration is so much more than just Looney Tunes and me getting together. It’s so much bigger and important.

The original Space Jam was landed in 1996. The movie was really fascinating and much ahead of its time. It was so popular among youngsters at the time, that the fans flooded makers’ with emails and letters demanding a sequel. The original star cast involved Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, and Patrick Ewing.

Space Jam 2 will be hitting your nearest theatres on July 16, 2021.

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