SpaceX Falcon Heavy launched for third time, carrying ashes of 152 people

Falcon Heavy launches for third time, along with 24 satellites and other equipment

SpaceX Falcon Heavy took off again from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida almost at 2.30 am. The powerful rocket is taking a lot of cargo, Atomic clock and even ashes worth for 152 people. This could change how the world sees itself now and even after a couple of years.

Falcon Heavy makes a successful launch

As soon as the rocket took off, it created loud sonic sounds and then it’s two launch vehicle landed successfully. However, the rocket successfully launched on its third round. The first launch took place in 2018 and second while carrying Saudi’s satellite into orbit.

It’s happy to hear the rocket is carrying 24 satellites from the US Defence and other organizations. Elon Musk makes a statement about the launch as the most difficult and complex.

However, this is the first time where reusable rockets are used for cost-effectiveness. Even, SpaceX used the side boosters in the Falcon Heavy which returned from space in April. But recent launch from the SpaceX didn’t make the successful landing of the boosters. It eventually landed upright on the drone ship at Cape Canaveral and later missed the target making it go boom.

Why the launch is complex and what it is carrying?

As the rocket carries 24 satellites from defense and other esteemed organizations, it will venture at 3 different orbits. The most interesting cargo in the launch is it’s LightSail -2.

This CubeSat is also known as a solar sail, as it will use the sun’s light to reach higher orbit. However, Sun’s light as photons doesn’t carry mass instead it has momentum which will help the LightSail-2 to orbit. This will be the first of its kind to reach higher orbit with the help of sunlight.

Falcon Heavy launches for third time, along with 24 satellites and other equipment

The Falcon Heavy after the its launch from Kennedy Space Center
Credits: Universe Today

A NASA payload known as “Green Propellant Infusion” is used which is more environmentally friendly. As other spacecraft and rockets use Hydrazine is more toxic to the environment and people working near them. But this fuel uses Hydroxyl ammonium Nitrate previously developed by US Air force. Moreover, the green fuel is environmentally friendly and is more efficient in its way.

The third carrier is the Atomic Clock, which measures time more accurately not like before. As to track missions and satellites, NASA relies on radio signals. But now with the release of Atomic Clock and on being successfully tested the time management can nearly depend on GPS.

Hence, Falcon Heavy of SpaceX is one of the most beneficial, complex and important launches for all the organizations.

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