SpaceX Falcon Heavy third launch is at higher stakes

SpaceX Falcon Heavy third launch is at higher stakes

The most staked SpaceX Falcon Heavy is ready to take flight into space. Falcon is generally taking the charge of the Air Force mission known as STP-2. Moreover, after the successful completion of the flight SpaceX, it will be able to ascend many other launches for security purpose. It is challenging as well as an important mission for SpaceX. As this will decide the future of SpaceX for being a prominent launch pad for military and defence.

SpaceX Falcon heavy – its power and launch significance

The Falcon heavy is installed with 24 satellites, in order to check the level of intensity it can handle. Satellites include various administration like NASA, Airforce, and Meteorological department and even from Universities. This all be demonstrated with the latest technology orbiting in the space.

Moreover, an atomic clock along with machinery which will help in space propulsion in future. As there are 24 satellites included it needs to travel in three different orbits. So, the falcon needs to reignite 4 times and will take 3 and half hours to reach the final destination.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy third launch is at higher stakes

Credits: SpaceX-Twitter

To become the sole launch provider for Air Force, SpaceX is making every effort to do so. If so the company makes a cut then they will be contracted for launching DOD satellites. As well the contracts will continue till 2027 and would be eligible for billions in launch contracts.

Thus, Elon Musk is claiming the launch as most complex along with the higher stakes involved. However, there are more 3 companies competing for this defense contract.

The companies include Blue origin with New Glenn and Northrop Grumman with his OmegA in their launch sequence. Third competitor “United Launch Alliance” is also in the competition with their Vulcan rocket.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy third launch is at higher stakes

Credits: SpaceX-Twitter

What chances are possible for SpaceX to be one sole provider?

Though the other companies received funds from the government and SpaceX didn’t receive anything. Therefore, SpaceX filed a lawsuit in accordance with not receiving any development fees.

There is also a bonus for SpaceX Falcon Heavy, for being the only operational rocket apart from other rockets. As earlier, if everything goes perfect then opportunities are in the hands of SpaceX. For the first time, Air Force members will fly using previously used boosters.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy third launch is at higher stakes

Credits: SpaceX-Twitter

The STP-2 mission is allotted for launch at 11.30PM from Kennedy Space centre situated at Florida. As stated there will be a favourable climate for subsequent launch. Every event will be live streamed by both NASA as well as SpaceX. SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch will be given a four hours window.


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