Spice Girls may be planning to tour Australia this year: Details ahead

Spice Girls may be planning to tour Australia this year: Details ahead

The rumors of Spice Girls to tour Australia are on fire nowadays.  And if it happens, then Aussies are definitely gonna burst with joy.

The rumor’s game is strong, this time

Spice girls might tour Australia this year

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The Spice Girls are right now busy in the reunion tour currently happening in UK. But their fans in Australia may  finally see the girl band performing live.

A number of Australian reporters have flown to England for having a key conversation with the ’90s girls. Although, they don’t even know what’s the fuss about. They are doing what’s just instructed to them.

People are guessing this may be the Spice Girls’ green signal to an Australian tour. And the reporters will soon arrive at the native place with exact confirm dates for the tour. Sometimes, I do think we humans are really good with guessworks.

When luck seems to meet opportunity

Spice girls might tour Australia this year

Picture- i News

It’s been a decade since Australia has hosted any live concert for the Spice Girls. It was in the year 2008, when Spice Girls planned a high-profile Sydney concert-but sadly it never happened. The tour halted in mid-February due to personal issues of the band girls.

The girls made a vigor announcement in June about their sheer plans to visit China, South Africa along with Europe and US. But their parental and family responsibilities framed major hurdles in their world-tours.

And now, when their kids have come to a beaming age and the girls have returned to a normal life, the band might consider the option of touring once again. Perhaps, the time for Aussies’ to rejoice has arrived.

Finally, the Aussies’ will be getting, what they really really want.

It’s high time to spice up your lives, Australians!
I hope you all will be there to cheer them up with your delighting sounds and whistles.
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