Spoilers Sherlock’s Season 5: Sherlock and Mycroft’s sister Eurus Holms to be in the spotlight in the next section?


Sherlock is one of the most favorite shows aired on BBC, it is sad that they’re unable to air the sequel after the 4th season which came out in January 2017. Till now, fans were expecting the crime based detective drama but even after 3 years, there are no further updates.


Will It Make A Comeback?

Even though there haven’t been any announcements about the next season, it doesn’t mean it is canceled. There’s a fair chance for the show to make a comeback even after a long break.

BBC will certainly not miss out on the chance to be the home studio for the Sherlock as it is the greatest show of all time. Moreover, Sherlock has persistently shown good ratings, which is another strong reason not to just throw it away.

Maybe, Sherlock Season 5 is being delayed because of some internal production issues. It seems so because in 2018 the network stated that they cannot take into the production of the series yet as the showrunner Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat were assigned other jobs in the network.

Moffat and Gattis were engaged with Dracula till 2019. The Guardian informed that even if are busy with other projects, they haven’t lost heart on Sherlock Season 5. If everything falls in place, they’re ready to work on it.

Sherlock Season 5 Plot: Sherlock and Eurus

Season 4 finale was the “The Final Problem” and it was anticipated that Sherlock Season 5 will develop from that point. Interestingly, it hinted that Sherlock and Mycroft’s sister Eurus Holmes will be in the limelight. Eurus’ character has been perplexing from the beginning so probably the fifth season might explore her identity.

The Release Date

For now, there is no update about the release date since Sherlock Season 5 hasn’t even been renewed. Though fans are predicting if the shooting commences this year or early next year, it will be aired by 2022.

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