Caeleb Dressel breaks Phelps decade long world record

Sprint specialist Caeleb Dressel breaks Phelps' decade long 100m record

2017 World Championships’ gold medalist Caeleb Dressel broke the 100m butterly world record set by Micheal Phelps in 2009. Caeleb Dressel completed the butterfly in just 49.50 seconds on Friday at FINA World swimming championships.

Clay High School’s graduate Caeleb hence became the fastest butterly swimmer in the world with this. That is one huge feat from the American Champion because Phelps’ record stood one heck of a long time.

Caeleb Dressel breaking records by margin

Micheal Phelps became the world’s fastest butterfly at the 2009 world championships in Rome. That his record stood a time of 10 years in this competitive world is testification to the achievement’s enormity.

Sprint specialist Caeleb Dressel breaks Phelps' decade long 100m record

Dressel swept 7 gold medals at 2017 world championships. Image: Flipboard

Caeleb Dressel was competing at the FINA world championships at Gwangju, South Korea when he achieved the remarkable feat. Micheal Phelps took 49.82 seconds to complete the 100meter butterfly dash back in 2009. Dressel in comparison was a good .32 seconds faster finishing in 49.50 seconds.

Dressel eyes clean sweep of golds.. again!

Caeleb Dressel lit up the Semifinals with his stunning. The Clay County’s champion hence enters Saturday’s final at the top seed. Dressel though was in the mood to stop as he trumped other in the 50 freestyle too. He finished the 50 freestyle in just 21.18 second to finish around 0.4  seconds above the rest.

Caeleb Dressel wins 7 gold medals at FINA World Championships from FloridaGators

Caeleb Dressel only competed in preliminaries this Friday though. He would be eyeing an emulation of his 7 gold medals from 2017 championships this year. The possibility of another 7 gold medals would have Dressel’s eyes lighting up as he would become head and shoulders above the rest.

Dressel will also a swim in a 100m fly and a 50m freefly in Saturday’s final. It would be exciting to see what new records the American can set because he looks in the mood right now. If he does manage to perform as well or exceed his expectations, he might become the G.O.A.T. swimmer for years to come.

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