Star Wars Squadrons Leaked Trailer hints Release of the New EA Game on Xbox Series X

Star Wars Squadron Leaked Trailer hints Release of the New EA Game on Xbox Series X

Star Wars: Squadrons game was leaked before its reveal at the upcoming EA Play Live event by one of the Xbox promos. The new Star Wars game will come out with Xbox Series X console and follow the life and Imperial and Alliance starfighters.

EA decided to reveal the game officially on their Star Wars Twitter page as the game leaks were circulating already on the internet. Star Wars: Squadrons trailer will be out any second and it will give gamers a proper look at the new Star Wars title. Here are more details on the “Star Wars Squadrons” leaked trailer, release date, gameplay and possible launch on Xbox Series X console.

Star Wars: Squadrons Xbox Leaks and Trailer

Star Wars- Squadron Xbox Leaks and Trailer

Star Wars: Squadrons leaks were out with the Xbox promo materials which gave us the first look at the new game. It shows the Imperial and Republic pilots facing each other and the game tagline says, “Pilot Wanted” hinting that the Star Wars game will mainly focus on flying the starfighters.

EA announced the same on Friday and revealed that the Star Wars: Squadrons trailer will be out on Monday, 8 am PST. It is expected that the trailer will reveal a lot of details on Star Wars: Squadrons release date, gameplay, world premiere, etc. which were originally planned to reveal at the EA Play Live event three days later

Star Wars: Squadrons Release Date and Gameplay Details

Star Wars- Squadron Release Date and Gameplay Details 

Star Wars: Squadrons release date could be set around the end of this year with the Xbox Series X launch. The game is one of the new entries in the Star Wars franchise that focuses on the starfighters and pilots who enter the cockpit to have space battles. Star Wars Squadrons will be a part of the “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” trilogy which started with the Nintendo 64 consoles.

The other game in the series also includes “Star Wars: Starfighter,” “Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter,” “Star Wars: TIE Fighter,” and “Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.” There are also rumors that Star Wars: Squadrons could be presented as a spin-off for one of the pilots featured in Star Wars: Battlefront which featured several Tie fighters and Starfighters.

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