Starbucks controversy: Cops kicked out of Arizona Coffee Shop

Cops kicked out of Arizona Coffee Shop Starbucks Apologizes!

On Sunday, Starbucks apologized via official spokesman when the news of a conflict in one of Arizona’s coffee outlet was viral.

The Cops humiliated

“The Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow” on Saturday, stated that a barista at Tempe’s Starbucks, Arizona, directed few policemen to leave the customer’s line. The officers who get coffee from the shop daily were asked to go away from the outlet. Their mere presence will make the customers unsafe.

Tempe Police Association Reacts

The Tempe’s Officer Association, a police union, wrote on Twitter, about the shocking incident. It involved a mock picture of the Starbucks logo, a hand pouring a mug of coffee and the message “Dump Starbucks” was surrounding the image.

Starbucks apologizes to police after six officers were asked to leave Arizona store from news

The union also wrote – do not appreciate the coffee cafe asking the Tempe cops to leave the premises on the 4th of July 2019. Some of those cops are the veterans who battled for the country.

Cops kicked out of Arizona Coffee Shop Starbucks Apologizes!

Starbucks lands into trouble
Source: Elgin Daily

They also elaborated on the incident to their Facebook page. The barista said that the customers were not feeling safe due to officers’ presence. Also, he asked them to go out of the customer’s sight or to just leave”. The disappointed union added, the officers actually left after the humiliation!

Starbucks apologizes after Backlash

The police department’s public relations department said that they had reached out to Starbucks’s corporate office. NPR on Sunday said that one of their representatives from the Police Department has met the members of Starbucks’ management team.

The company also published an official apology regarding the same. Rossann Williams, Vice President of Starbucks’ U.S. acknowledged and signed the letter .

Cops kicked out of Arizona Coffee Shop Starbucks Apologizes!

Source: Fox

What’s in store for the Coffee cafe?

Starbucks now is facing a national repercussion and possibly a boycott. It seems that the apology may not be sufficient. Earlier in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, few black males were asked to leave from the Seattle outlet.

The manager apparently thought that they were simply loitering. Starbucks had shut down all its U.S. outlets for hours of sensitivity training for good relations.

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