Starbucks introduces a new creation from its Frappuccino

Tie-Dye : A new creation from Starbucks' Frappuccino

Starbucks has always been the most customer-centric brand around my locality. Although, the prices of my favorite Frappuccinos have skyrocketed in recent year, I have never failed to taste a sip of those extravagant beverages.

The brand has never failed to astound us with the best of tastes and recipes that have taken an inordinate amount of time to come to our tables. Just in case, you are sick of perspiring in the hottest summers. Head over to Starbucks for a little surprise.

Starbucks has new icy-blended coffee: Tie-dye

Starbucks will soon be launching a special tie-dye Frappucchino at some reserved outlets. Tie-dye will make it’s special debut on Wednesday. Mind you, the drink will be made available only at the Starbucks’ outlets of United States and Canada.

Tie-Dye : A new creation from Starbucks' Frappuccino

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So, if your home lies far away from the states, then I am sorry but you won’t be able to enjoy the heavenly drink.

The drink is gonna fall short for most of coffee lovers. The trending Frap is at hands for a limited period for as long as their supplies last.
With gleaming red, yellow and blue hues, the tropical drink shares a creme Frappuccino base that tastes more like a dozen of your favorite fruits blended with dashes of turmeric, red beet and spirulina. Whipped cream and a final sparkling of colored powder adds a final touch to the icy drink.

Honest public reviews

The notoriously famous drink creator, Paloma Carrington-Bataller seems to be quite happy of his new creation.

We have creating a drink that celebrates summer with it’s people. The summer theme is really conveyed both visually and through flavors throughout the banging beverage. We have poured all your vital summer in a cup and something which everyone can relate with; it will take you to your sunny and warm days, you’d have spent at camp or with your family.
Seemingly, you may enjoy a two-lane nostalgia ride of ’90s spirited summers through the drink. The Instagram friendly drink has received overwhelmingly mixed reviews from Starbucks’ purchasers.

Some of them have ranted the drink by comparing the taste with that of a banana candy. A lot of people have previously ridiculed Starbucks for it’s Frap rolls in the past. Meanwhile, there are people who were not swayed at all. They are looking forward to share the colorful beverage with their families and friends.
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